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Fresh Baked Artisan Breads

Baguette -  Traditional French Bread  $2.50 per loaf - Made with a poolish and only with unbleached unbromated flour, water, salt & yeast.  All Natural Ingredients!

Ciabatta - $3.25 per loaf  -  Italian Flat Bread - Means slipper in Italian because of the bread's shape.  Same ingredients as the baguette with a little extra virgin olive oil.  Enjoyed best as an appetizer dipped in olive oil, pesto, or with any type of Italian dish.  Great for prosciutto sandwiches.

Foccacia  - $5.95 per 6" round  or $2.95 per slice - Choose from onion, potato, or tomato.  A meal in itself.  Made with a biga (traditional Italian pre ferment).  Flour, water, salt, yeast, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.  Toppings include tomato-basil, potato rosemary, and carmelized onion.

Pan Bread (White) -  $2.50 per loaf.  Not the Wonder bread you grew up with.  This Pan White Bread is long fermented for maximum flavor and aroma.  Contains flour, water, salt, yeast, butter, sugar, and milk powder.  Great sandwich bread!

Sour Dough Multi-Grain - $3.70 per loaf.  Hearty bread that's high in fiber.  Contains a blend of rye, whole wheat flour, white flour, salt, yeast, flax, sesame, rolled oats, and sunflower seeds.  Made with a sour dough starter.  Great eaten with a salad, or as a sandwich, or just enjoyed by itself.

Sour Dough Walnut Raisin - $3.15 per loaf - Same as the Sour Dough Multi-Grain except it is great eaten with any type of cheese.  When toasted it's a touch of sweetness.

Challah - $4.50 - Our handmade twisted challah bread is perfect for your Sabbath.  Perfect for french toast.

2lb. Challah - $9.00  -  3lb. Challah $13.95 - 5lb. Challah $24.95

Pain Au Levain - Traditional Sour Dough Bread - $3.15 per loaf - Following the traditional french bread making methods.  Contains flour, rye, whole wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt.

Sour Dough Whole Wheat - $2.50 per loaf - Made with a sour dough starter.  Ingredients include flour, whole wheat flour, honey, yeast, and salt.  Healthy whole grain bread.  Great with tuna fish & sprouts.

Sour Dough Black Olive - $3.75 per loaf.  Traditional sour dough bread with Kalamata Olives and thyme added to the bread.  Great with salads, as a dinner bread, or as a wholesome snack.  

Semolina Bread - $3.15 per loaf.  Italian bread made with Durum Wheat and a sour dough and is great with pasta dishes and dipping in sauces.

Salt Free Tuscan - $2.50 per loaf.  Originally from the Tuscany area of Italy. This bread is a great combination with salty foods.  Also good for people with salt restricted diet.  Freezes well.  

Cinnamon Raisin - $3.15 per loaf.  This bread has a wonderful cinnamon flavor with a touch of sweetness from the raisins.  It's delicious lightly toasted and spread with unsalted butter or made as a French toast.

Rustic Italian - $3.15 per loaf.  Sunday dinner is not complete with the richness of this fine quality Italian bread perfect for dipping sauces and better for panino sandwiches.

Traditional Rye Bread - $3.15 per loaf.  Made with the richest rye flour and great sliced for your deli sandwiches.

Garlic Baguette Bread - $2.95 per loaf.  Traditional french bread with just the right touch of roasted garlic and oils.

Round Pumpernickel Bread - $3.15 per loaf - Perfect for dips and healthy, too!

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