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Online Cake Builder
Please call (973) 736-1732 or email your cake request with full details to:
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List of Parve Baked Goods

Supreme Bakery
40 Main Street * West Orange, NJ 07052
(973) 736-1732 or FAX (973) 736-1965

List of Parve Products

*All Yellow Cake
with Butter Cream Icing or Chocolate Icing
*Chocolate Iced Cupcakes
*Butter Cream Iced Cupcakes
*Buns (excluding cheese) & donuts
*Danish & Danish Strips (excluding cheese)
*Coffee rings (excluding cheese)
*Apple Turnovers
*Ring Cakes (excluding apple marble)
*All Breads (except white, dinner rolls,
onion rolls, & raisin bread)
*Fruit Pies (except apple, pumpkin,
sweet potato, and custard)
*Sprinkle cookies
*Linzer tarts
*Moon cookies
*Almond Horns
*Tri Color Cookies
*Bow Ties
*Bobka & Russian Apple

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