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Supreme Bakery offers Special Occasion Cakes for Special Occasions.   Listed below are cake sizes and prices.  If you would like to order a cake you can do so by calling Supreme Bakery at (973) 736-1732 or you can email your information to

The selections are listed below.

Store Policy:  Deposit by credit card is needed for cake orders.  There are no refunds on special cakes ordered at Supreme Bakery.  We issue store credit for any canceled cake that has been canceled 24 hours in advance.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Size                     Serves           Butter Cream      Other Icing

7"                          3-6                 23.00                  24.50           

8"                           6-10              32.00                   33.50

10"                        10-15             44.00                   46.00

12"                        15-20             63.50                   68.00

1/4 Sheet               10-15             41.00                   42.50

1/2 Sheet               20-30             70.00                   72.50

1/2 Sheet 3 Layer  30-50             92.00                   95.00

Full Sheet               50-70            120.00                 125.00

Full Sheet 3 Layer  75-100          178.00                 180.00

7" Ice Cream             6-10                                       32.00

8" Ice Cream             10-15                                     39.00

10" Ice Cream           15-20                                     55.00

1/4 Sheet Ice Cream  15-20                                     60.00

1/2 Sheet Ice Cream   25-35                                   110.00

Full Sheet Ice Cream   50-70                                  185.00

Types of Icing:

Butter Cream, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Mocha Iced, Chocolate Mousse, and Cream Cheese.

Types of Cake:

Yellow, Chocolate, Carrot, Red Velvet, and Marble. (Other than yellow cake is other icing price)

Types of Fillings:

Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Cherry, Cannoli Cheese, Mocha B/C, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Mousse, and Cream Cheese.

Fresh Banana Extra Charges:

7" & 8" - add $.75            10" & 1/4 sheet - add $1.00               

12" & 1/2 sheet - add $1.50      Full sheet - add $2.50

Fresh Strawberry Extra Charges:

7" & 8" - add $2.00          10" & 1/4 sheet - add $4.00

12" & 1/2 sheet - add $6.00       Full sheet - add $9.00

Special Kit Decoration $10.00

We have a selection of cake kits to put on your special cake.  Some kits are bridal themed, baby shower, children's characters and themes, and more.

Computerized Portrait on Cake:  ADD $10.00

Bring in your picture to be scanned onto your special occasion cake. Supreme Bakery uses quality edible paper.

Sample Wording for Special Occasions:

Birthdays Happy Birthday, Julie! Just for You, John! On Your Special Day Turning 30 Is A Piece of Cake Birthday Wishes For You Have a Beautiful Birthday! Happy B-Day! You Grow More Beautiful With Every Candle The More Candles The Better No Matter How You Slice It, You are the Greatest! An Ageless Tradition, For An Ageless Friend Celebrate! Calorie Free for a Day! Have An Awesome Day!

Birthday Slammers Happy Times 29 Janna Happy 29th Birthday… Again Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40 40 is Not Old (If You're A Tree) Oh How Nifty, Joe is 50 Thrilling Thirty For My thirtysomething Friend If you are "Done" with Birthdays Stick a fork here: Don't Birthdays Just Frost You?

Kids Birthday Amy’s Sweet 16 Have a Fun 14th Birthday Funky 15 Thrilled That You're 13 Ding Dong Bells, Carrie’s 12 Easy 11 Big 10 Oh how fine, Jenny’s 9 It’s Great Being 8 ! Oh thank heaven! Justin is 7 Michael is Super 6 Gimme 5 and all that jive! Turning 4 and ready for more! Wowee! Courtney’s 3 Sweet You at Birthday 2 You’re #1

Anniversary Happy Golden Anniversary 50 Happy Silver Anniversary 25 Happy 10th Anniversary Dan and Heather Love Is Gentle, Love is Kind, Love is Sweet Here's To 25 More! To The Happy Couple

Engagement Two To Become One 2 2 B 1 For Two Special People Will You Marry Me My Sweet? With This Ring I Thee Wed Will You Share My Wedding Cake?

Bridal Showers A Shower of Good Wishes To A Sweet Life Together Blessed With Love From Heaven Above May Your Lives Be Filled With The Sweetest Love May All Your Dreams Come True Sweethearts Forever From Miss to Mrs. With Our Best Wishes Happily Ever After Congratulations To The Future Mrs. ___ To The Bride and Groom Happiness Today and Always A Sweet Start To Your Life Together The Sweetest Days Are Yet To Come Best Wishes For A Lifetime Of Happiness God Bless Your Marriage

Bachelor Party Cake Here’s to You And Your Bride To Be To Life, To Love, To Eternity Get Me To The Church On Time Nancy and Fred Are Off To Wed

Baby Shower May God Bless You and Your New Family God’s Blessings to You And Your New Baby Special Delivery for …(Stork Design) Now Arriving…(Baby’s Name) Announcing the Arrival of (Baby’s Name) Announcement Cake – Name, Weight, Date and Time of Birth A Bundle Of Joy, (Baby’s Name) Here's To Sweet Expectations A Star Is Born Diapers & Pins, A New Life Begins Pink or Blue, We Welcome You Pink Or Blue, May Your Wish Come True Girl or Boy, You'll Bring Much Joy Girl or Boy, A Bundle Of Joy A Baby Is God's Greatest Gift Good-bye Tummy…Hello Mummy! Here’s To A Delivery That’s A Piece Of Cake!

Baby Christening/Communion God Bless (Baby’s Name) On This Happy Christening Day Christened On This Day - (Date) - (Name) Love To Baby (Name) On His/Her Christening Day God Bless (Name) God's Blessing's On (Name) May God Bless You A Lot!

Graduation Class of 2007, Congratulations Hats Off To The Grad TGIG: Thank God I Graduated Congratulations Jason! Congratulations to One Smart Cookie

Fresh Baked Puns Any Way You Slice It, You are the Greatest You're the Icing on the Cake! Here's A Gift You Can Sink Your Teeth Into Let Them Eat Cake! Sweets for the Sweet You've Been So "Sweet" You Take the Cake! Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! Thanks for the Sweet Thoughts! To Sweeten Your Day! If All Else Fails, Try Chocolate It's a Piece of Cake!! Doesn't it Just Frost You? Let's Sweeten The Deal! What a Sweet Deal! Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Glad We Could Cut a Sweet Deal!! You're the Icing on the Cake! How Sweet It Is With Our Sweetest Thanks!! Success Is The Sweetest Reward! Thanks for Making This A Piece of Cake ! Wishing You Sweet Success!

Business Messages Our Thanks You’ve Won For A Job Well Done Thanks To A Great Team! Congratulations on Your Outstanding Performance Our People Make The Difference We Salute You! Congratulations on Your Merger! Welcome To Your New Office! Here’s To New Partnerships, Company ABC and Company XYZ What A Team, Company ABC and Company XYZ We Mean Business We Look Forward to Working With You Our #1 Goal Is To Serve You

Other Messages It's a Piece of Cake! Doesn't it Just Frost You? Let's Sweeten The Deal! What a Sweet Deal! Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Glad We Could Cut a Sweet Deal! You're the Icing on the Cake! How Sweet It Is! With Our Sweetest Thanks! Success Is The Sweetest Reward! Thanks for Making This A Piece of Cake! Wishing You Sweet Success!


Round cupcake cake

Brand New Cupcake Cake

We now offer cupcake cakes.  The minimum is 12 cupcakes.  The other sizes are 16, 20, 24, & 30.  The cost is $1.85 per cupcake.

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