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Mother's Day
Open from 6am-8pm. Place your order for a special Supreme Bakery cake for Mom.

Mother's Day Cupcakes $1.45 each

Petit Fours ( Pink or Choc Covered) $1.45 each

Sprinkled Heart Cookies $1.80 each

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $2.25 each

Large Decorated Cookies $1.85 each

Jumbo Flower Cupcakes $3.95 

Heart Shaped Strawberry Shortcake Small 5.75 Large 16.00  

Mother's Day Butter Cream Layer Cakes $17.25

Mother's Day Truffle Iced Layer Cakes $17.95

Small Heart Shaped Cheese Cake with Strawberries $5.95

Large Heart Shaped Cheese Cake with Strawberries $30.00

8" Heart Shaped Butter Cream Cakes $28.00  Choc Iced $30.00

Fresh Apple Pie (Like Mom's) 8" - 9.95 or 10" - $16.50

Mother's Day Hat Cake $30.00

Mother's Day Layer Cake

Mother's Day Cheesecake

Mother's Day Heart Cake

Mother's Day Hat Cake

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