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Pure Whipped Cream Layer Cakes
"Our Classic" Strawberry Shortcake $18.50

Yellow cake, pure whipped cream icing, sweet strawberry filling, topped with slices of fresh strawberries.

Cannoli Layer Cake $18.95

Yellow cake, pure whipped cream topping, rich cannoli filling, topped with 3 mini cannoli treats.

Black Forest Cake $18.95

Chocolate cake, cherry filling, pure whipped cream topping, topped with a cherry and chocolate cake crumbs.

Victory Cake $17.00

A simple chocolate cake, pure whipped cream topping and filling.

Brown Derby Cake $19.25

Chocolate cake, fresh fruit filling and whipped cream, topped with pure whipped cream and chocolate cake crumbs.

Tiramisu Layer Cake $18.95

Marscapone cheese topped sponge layers soaked with espresso.

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