Fruit Torte

Fruit Torte

Fruit Torte

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COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon valued members of our community,

Supreme Bakery would like our customers and community to know that we recognize the severity of the current outbreak, and we are taking every precaution necessary to keep our community safe. As we all know, the Corona virus is going around and it must be taken seriously. We all have to do our part to ensure the safety of our friends, family, and everyone else around us.

That is why, although these are our standard procedures, we are currently enforcing the following rules more urgently:

– Staff is being trained to keep the store clean by disinfecting all items that customers may come in contact with.
– Not only will staff wash their hands more frequently and thoroughly, but gloves will also be used for ALL customer interactions.
– Santizers will be available throughout the store to prevent the spread of germs.
– If any one of our team members begin to show signs of sickness, i.e. coughing or sneezing, they will be sent home immediately.

These are just a few of the procedures we will be enforcing here at Supreme bakery to keep everyone safe. We are hoping that this virus comes to an end soon and does not continue to spread. We are and will continue to do everything we can to follow guidelines in prevention of the virus as listed by the World Health Organization. So until then, please stay safe and keep others in mind when in close contact.

Also, if anyone happens to be sick or worried about coming in store, we also provide delivery services through Ubereats, GrubHub and Doordash.